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What is Montessori, and how does it relate to babies and toddlers?

The Montessori method is essentially a “life hack” for raising and educating children from birth to adolescence. It was created by a female medical doctor turned teacher.

The goals behind the Montessori Method are to develop the mind, body, and spirit of the child. Using Montessori “hacks”, it’s possible to raise babies and young children with more ease, while supporting improved outcomes for the child’s development.

Montessori utilizes a holistic five-part system: child development, observation, environmental design, relationship/approach, and specialized Montessori materials that are designed to push a child’s skills and wisdom to the next level.

Welcome to this online Montessori educational resource, where I hope to share my passion for using the Montessori Method with babies and toddlers. With aloha, from my horizon, to yours (:

Go For Broke: Teacher survival hacks & life in Hawaii

Classroom Montessori teaching with 0-3 is not for the faint of heart. #TeacherStress is a problem many educators face until they burn out. I manage to survive and humbly thrive, working 40+ hours a week, on less than $2500 a month, with limited benefits, massive student loan debt, and no husband… in Hawaii. Why Hawaii? Find my story, and my #TeacherSurvivalHacks below.

About Humble Horizons Montessori

Aloha! I am an internationally-certified Montessori practitioner who specializes in infancy (ages 0-3). Humble Horizons Montessori is the first Montessori informational resource created in Oahu, Hawaii for parents and early childhood classroom teachers. This website is specifically aimed at providing accessible Montessori resources and information for the phase of birth to 3 years old; and I hope to providing experience-based lifestyle support for other early childhood educators.

I am the only 0-3 Internationally-trained Montessori practitioner currently working in Oahu, Hawaii (possibly in the whole state… is anyone else in Hawaii 0-3 AMI trained? Contact me below!).

My ohana is from Oahu, and I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), which is Dr. Maria Montessori’s original training lineage. I have been working with keiki (children) on the mainland and in Oahu since 2006; and I teach a toddler classroom here on the island full-time.

I love hearing from others and answering any questions; and I welcome any inquiries for professional partnership opportunities!

Mahalo for visiting,

~Roxie Rice, M.Ed

Goods and Services

One-on-one Parenting Support sessions

Got parenting struggles? With the right techniques and support, you can create ease and success.

Program Consultation and Group workshops

Learn about special topics in a group format, and improve your 0-3 center or home-based programming.

Montessori In-Home Makeovers

Let your living space shoulder some of your parenting work! Baby-inclusive home design can transform your entire parenting reality.

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Guide, and grow with your baby or toddler.

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