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Aloha! I’m Roxie, the writer for HHM.  This blog and all related content are written and produced by me. I am an internationally-certified 0-3 Montessori practitioner since 2015 and an early childhood educator since 2006. (You can read more about the Association Montessori Internationale here).  I also have a master’s degree in Education and a B.A. in psychology. 

Here you’ll find information about the Montessori approach for babies and toddlers; along with resources and ideas that you can try if you are a parent, caregiver, early childhood educator, or teacher in general.  To my current knowledge, I am the only internationally-trained 0-3 Montessori practitioner on this island.

 This website is the outpouring of all the ideas that bubble in the depths of my brain while working in a Montessori classroom for babies and toddlers all day long.  This is where aloha and Montessori collide, and where my ideas get to rise beyond the classroom setting.  

If you love Hawaii, babies, keiki (children), parenting hacks, teacher survival hacks, unconventional ideas, and a splash of faith, this is the Montessori resource for you. If you already know Montessori and want more ideas, this resource is also for you.

 In my spare time I love the beach, good food, fitness, Tahitian dance when I’m not too exhausted or broke,  ohana, friends, writing, hiking horribly, and going to church.  

Soft disclaimer: this blog is not promoted by, sponsored by, or reflective of my current or past employers.  If you are curious if my classroom has any current openings for two year olds, contact me. We might have one spot left as of February 2019. All rights reserved. 

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