Humble Horizons Montessori

In honor of Pride: my top 10 favorite rainbow activities from my toddler Montessori classrooms ðŸŒˆðŸŒˆðŸŒˆ

Watercolor painting. Color mixing is the goal. Start with your primary colors, and let them learn how to mix the secondary colors via happy accident! My favorite way to make DIY watercolor is by watering down tempera paint, or by adding a drop or two of food coloring to colorations shimmery gold watercolor base. Make watercoloring more interesting by offering q-tips instead of paint brushes; and be sure to cut your paintbrush handles down to size. Watercolor painting is a staple on my classroom art shelf– rarely does it go away.

Color matching. Try to get creative with your color matching, it need not always be color tablets or some sort of peg-based imbucare activity. Me and my kiddo did this:

rainbow rice. DIY your own rainbow rice with cheap white long grain rice, maybe 5 drops of water, and a few drops of food coloring. Let each color dry on a cookie sheet; and then mix it all together when it’s dry. Yes, this will get messy; so I recommend doing this on a hard floor that is easy to sweep; and that you offer no more than about a 1/2 cup of rice to a toddler.

Grimm’s nesting rainbow puzzle and nesting rainbow cups. This beautiful puzzle is worth every penny. I recommend the grimm’s version and not the generic versions because the generic versions have this diagonal slant to them that makes them less stackable and manipulative than grimm’s original version. This puzzle basically is like an heirloom.

Rainbow scarves. The kids in my class literally would go bat sh*t crazy EVERY time I would bust out the bag of rainbow colored see-through scarves, and transition us into our rainbow-themed circle time. It go so bad to the point where kids would refuse to heed invitations to the bathroom during circle if it was rainbow scarves time.

Rainbow window blocks. These gorgeous blocks somehow never get old; and their open-ended nature always keeps the kids coming back for more. They aren’t the cheapest, I will say. But I believe there might be a way to DIY them if you search pinterest.

Introducing the colors in your classroom’s target foreign language. YES, toddlers can absolutely can learn their basic colors in multiple languages– I’ve heard it with my very own ears in Hawaiian and Japanese, with no real prior exposure. Make sure the child has fully mastered all of their colors in your countries’ home language first; and then proceed with your target foreign language.

baking rainbow muffins. We are obsessed with making muffins in all of my toddler classrooms, it’s my go-to birthday and transition tradition. And you can make them rainbow. This also gives multiple kids the opportunity to help individually with a baking proj because each child can stir a specific color into their own little bowl of muffin batter.

Making rainbows with sun, and a squirt bottle or the mist function on a water hose, and some sunshine. Or with a rainbow machine.

Prisms. They’re beautiful and again, that wonder never fades for the little ones. It’s possible that like Annie’s boxed mac & cheese, I’m more into it than they are, LOL. Prism-made rainbows is a fantastic way to introduce science, colors, and something beautiful. Prisms are an absolute must in every nido.

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